【Grammar】Me molesta.. /I don’t like ~, hate, annoying.


Me molesta..

■I don’t like ~, hate, annoying.

How to make

Me molesta+(que)+verb infinitive or noun

Example sentences / with audio

Me molesta tu egoísmo.
Your selfishness bores me.

Me molesta que viajes sin mi.
I hate you are going on a trip without inviting me.

Me molesta que bebas tanto.
I hate you drink too much.

Me molesta estudiar chino.
It bothers me to study Chinese.

Me molesta el paro.
I am bothered by unemployment.

Example dialog

A:Me molesta el paro.
B:Me molesta tu egoísmo.。

A:A company trip is a hassle.
B:Your selfishness bores me.


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