【Grammar】Me gusta.. /I like…



Me gusta..

■I like…

How to make

Me gusta+Verb infinitive or noun

You can use this in a wide range of situations to express your preferences, such as “I like”, “I want” etc.

「no me gusta~」means I don’t like…

Example sentences / with audio

Me gusta dormir.
I like to sleep.



Me gusta viajar.
I like to travel.



Me gusta viajar en tren.
I like to travel by train.



Me gusta el rock.
I like rock music.



Me gusta mucho.
I like it very much.



Example dialog

A:¿quieres ir a comer conmigo?
B: Si,Me gusta mucho.

A:Do you want to come to eat with me?
B:Yes, I want.

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