【Grammar】Me emociona /I was impressed by…


Me emociona

■I was impressed by…

How to make

Me duele +Verb infinitive or noun

Example sentences / with audio

Me emociona esta película.
I was impressed by this film.

Me emociona cuando me hablas.
I get excited when you talk to me.

Me emociona el paisage.
I was moved by the landscape.

Me emociona cuando me regalas flores.
I get excited when you give me flowers.

Me encanta pasar el tiempo intentando armar rompecabezas.
I love to spend my time trying to put together puzzles.

Example dialog

A:Me emociona cuando te acuerdas de mi.
B: de nada.

A:It moves me when you remember me.
B:You’re welcome.


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