【Grammar】Me duele.. /It hurts me…


Me duele..

■It hurts me

How to make

Me duele +Verb infinitive or noun

On its own, it can be understood as either painful or emotionally distressing in any part of the body.す。

Beware of the plural.

For example, if the shoulder hurts two、「Me duelen los hombros」

Example sentences / with audio

Me duele la cabeza.
I have a headache.

Me duele el oído.
I have an earache.

Me duele el estómago.
I have a stomach ache.

Me duele la cintura.
I have a pain in my waist.

Me duele la espalda.
I have a pain in my back.

Example dialog

A:¿Que pasa?
B:Me duele la cintura.

A:What’s the matter?
B:I have a pain in my waist.


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